Heart of Autism is a non-profit 501c3 Frisco organization whose primary contributions to the DFW community are through fundraising in support of the autism community. Funds raised will support Autism Research, Adult Services and Intervention Services to give families hope for a healthier future. Our organization’s ability to continue to raise money is due in large part to the kind support of individual donors who believe in our mission, as well as sponsorships and grants from generous establishments. Dedicated to finding the causes, effective treatments and a cure for autism.

Heart Of Autism was founded in June of 2013 by Nika Arastoupour whose son, Mazy, was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 in 2012. Funds raised will go towards research to help find the cause and maybe a cure for Autism and to fund scholarships to underprivileged families touched by autism who cannot afford therapy and provide grants for adult services. “We pride ourselves in being a local grassroots organization run by volunteers only and have raised over $500,000 in only 7 years for the autism community.” Once autism was thought to affect only one in 10,000 children. Today, it is reported 1 in 59 children, one in 42 boys, are diagnosed with this devastating neurological disorder that affects families like Nika’s, schools, and the community at large. Research, awareness, advocacy and services are critical and we hope you will help us get one step closer to achieving these.